This is one of the books I considered reading after encountering its name on r/suggestmeabook. I didn’t download buy it, nor I considered doing it. I just tought “that’d be a nice read for later”.

Then I enlightened my local library with my arrival. I was originally looking for second part of Batya Gur’s Michael Ohayon series. After I found it, I kept walking with a long stride and a nervous finger snapping, like pretending I was in a rush.

And I read the authors name in one book.

I remember my sister being really excited about one of its books: Norgewian Wood. So I went to that place and started to pick one to read home.

I didn’t want a book with 300+ pages, (I needed to read Batya’s one), and After Dark looked short enough: ~290 pages, in the translated edition I read.

I tought I’d leave to almost the end of my borrowing period, but I finished in the first two days.

But it left me with a bittersweet-addictive taste.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I read it. And even less I’ll know if it was what I expected.