Lately, I’ve been thinking about you writing book reviews. After some days going around that idea, I decided to give it a go.

Goodreads gives me that possibility. It is one of more important features, but I wanted to write them in a dedicated website because I’m a brat.

I already had one, but it is aimed at professional self branding, not personal content (well, its original purpose was self-branding, but ended being a total mess of incomplete projects, notes and non—sense).

But don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that a personal and a professional persona are non-related things that can be mixed only if you want to die.

I think it’s important that potential colleagues, employers, or employees (haha, sure) can see how you think, feel, and what you do outside the professional environment. Even though, I didn’t want to use that website as a personal place to share those kind of things.

Also, I was starting to get some work done again (after another, already well-known for me, stand-by period).

So, to use that inertia I was generating, I wanted to start a side-website (it that’s a graspable concept) to get a self-approval boost everytime I googled my name use it only for personal content.

And here it is! :tada:

It’s not a different website per se (see how sophisticated I can be?), since its only a subdomain of it, but you know… it’s a different space and I like it.

I’ll try to keep the content light-weight and interesting. I can only hope that you enjoy what you may read in here. I’ll enjoy writing it, for sure.